Juicing Recipe Website Adds 'Go Green' Section Featuring Green Juice, Smoothie Recipes to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2016 -- On the heels of a wickedly cold winter and frigid temperatures brought on by the "polar vortex," many are suffering from the lingering effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). A popular juicing recipe website is announcing an expanded recipe section featuring a variety of healthy green juice and smoothie recipes designed to combat SAD and post-winter vitamin deficiencies.'s new "Go Green" Section contains some of the world's most delicious green juice recipes. In addition to instructions for how to make a variety of green drinks, the section includes tips for how to make super-healthy, nutrition-charged green juices and smoothies taste better.

"Green juice buzz is everywhere and it's become synonymous with health," website contributor Dmitry Ivanov said. "Many folks associate greens with bitter and less-than-pleasant taste, so a mouthful of liquefied veggies may not seem very appealing. My techniques featured in the 'Go Green' section deliver the most palatable green juice and smoothie recipes to fight seasonal affective disorder."

The recipes at, tested extensively by website contributors, are organized according to their various ingredients and tastes, as well as by the health benefits they confer. Recipes range from dessert-like berry concoctions and other fun, tasty juice recipes made from all natural, wholesome ingredients to remedies for arthritis, breaking the caffeine habit and more.

About is a website devoted to helping people get the most out of their juice. Juicing isn't just a method for losing weight. It's a way to heal bodies depleted of nutrients due to poor nutrition, sedentary lives away from sunlight and environmental toxins. Website's goal is to share the many positive effects of juicing with others as well as curate a comprehensive selection of recipes for making juices and smoothies. The site contains researched articles about the benefits conferred by different juices in addition to the extensive database of recipes. Learn more at

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