Joe Bragg Aims to Be the Internet's Ultimate Guide to Juicing for Weight Loss


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Weight loss is a problem that millions of people around the world try to solve every day. Although doctors recommend a healthy diet and exercise routine, losing weight is rarely that simple – especially for hardworking individuals who can’t afford to spend several hours per day working out or cooking elaborate meals.

These are problems that has gained a reputation for solving. At, visitors will find a detailed guide to ‘juicing’. Juicing involves extracting juice from fresh fruit and vegetables and then drinking that juice in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Juicing has been linked to a number of extraordinary benefits. Since the dieter is consuming only fresh fruit and vegetables, the health benefits can be quite significant. Furthermore, drinking fruits and vegetables in liquid form helps the body absorb the nutrients more quickly. Instead of taking the time to break down and digest the fruit and vegetables, the body can directly access the nutrients, which means it can work at maximum efficiency.

As a spokesperson explains, bodies that work at maximum efficiency tend to lose weight much more quickly than bodies that suffer from nutritional deficiencies:

“When the body is fuelled by fresh fruits and vegetables, weight loss is bound to occur. Fresh fruits and vegetables make up an incredibly natural diet, and the fresh juices play a crucial role in building metabolic processes and regenerating healthy tissues in the body.”

Tissue regeneration is important – especially for those seeking to lose weight. After working out at the gym, the body’s tissues need to rest and repair themselves. Without the right intake of vitamins and nutrients, the body will have a very difficult time repairing itself, which leads to sore muscles the next day. And as any fitness enthusiast knows, going to the gym on sore muscle days is rarely easy.

At the website, visitors will find all of the information they need about juicing in order to lose weight. The homepage of the website features dozens of benefits of juicing for weight loss, including taking in high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more. Juicing has also been linked to a lower risk of colon cancer. But one of the most important benefits is that, when juiced, fruits and vegetables usually taste very good.

Once visitors are ready to start juicing for weight loss themselves, they can follow the step by step guide listed on the website. That step by step guide shows visitors how to buy a good juicer, how to find the best juicing recipes, and how to buy the right types of fruits and vegetables from the supermarket.

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