Joe Bragg Offers Free Shipping on Orders of 2 or More Pairs of Colored Contact Lenses


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Colored contact lenses are becoming more popular every year. Today, everyone from celebrities to Halloween partiers seems to be enjoying the cool effects of colored lenses. And from traditional blue and brown colors to exotic hues of purple, pink, or even anime-style, there is no shortage of colored contact lenses available online.

At, visitors will find an extensive selection of colored contact lenses, including lenses for Halloween costumes and lenses for simple everyday use. Some people purchase contact lenses to give themselves a new look by changing their eye color, while others only wear the colored contacts on special occasions – like Halloween or any costume party.

The website recently released two special discount offers:

-Buy 2 pairs and get free shipping
-Buy 3 pairs and get free shipping plus a 10% discount on the order

A spokesperson for explains how much money shoppers can expect to save by accessing these discounts:

“Some websites charge $50 to $100 for a simple pair of colored contact lenses. We choose to reduce prices across the board and give customers access to everyday low prices. So, while the regular price for a pair of aquamarine contacts may be $49, we sell that pair for $22.99. In other words, customers can effectively buy 2 or 3 pairs of colored contacts from our website for the price of one pair from a competitor – while enjoying free shipping.”

All special sales prices are listed at the homepage, including a selection of featured contact lenses with discounts of over 50% off. Visitors can also browse the sidebar to choose the specific colored lens that they want, or to select one of a number of unique styles.

Those who are unsure what kind of lens they like may want to browse through the selection of colored contacts for dark eyes, which is significantly different than the selection of colored contacts for light eyes.

Of the unique styles available at, sclera lenses are particularly popular. Sclera lenses are placed over the entire eye, obscuring the iris as well as the surrounding white ‘sclera’ while leaving the pupil open so the wearer can see. The result is a unique effect unlike any other contact in the world. Wearers can choose to give their eyes a unique ‘all-black’ appearance by choosing a black sclera lens, for example.

Of course, one of the best parts about buying colored contact lenses is that no prescription is required:

“Customers absolutely do not need a prescription to order from our website. Non prescription colored contacts are simply colored lenses that do not alter the wearer’s vision in any way. In addition, our lenses are designed to last for a long-time and can be worn at multiple events in order to maximize the investment.”

About is an online colored contacts retailer that offers a wide range of lens colors and styles. The website recently announced a promotion that offers free shipping to customers who order 2 or more pairs of contact lenses. For more information, please visit: