Juliana Turns to Crowdfunding to Help Save Her Animals in an Animal Sanctuary in the Andes Mountains

The Rescued Animals of this Animal Sanctuary are Running Out of Time as The Sanctuary is Running Out of Money.


Potomac, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- For the past seven years Juliana Castaneda has engaged in animal rescue in South America, a region of the world not known for its compassion for animals in need. Through her tireless labor of love Juliana has helped over 200 animals with 34 beloved creatures currently in her care. Now she needs help herself to continue her noble work.

Juliana has turned to crowdfunding to help raise money to keep her animal sanctuary running for the next twelve months. This “no kill” animal shelter guarantees that all the animals have a safe place to live until the end of their lives. Juliana is so committed to this cause that she also engages in an ongoing awareness campaign to bolster animal protection in South America. Every animal she cares for was rescued from terrible conditions that could bring tears to anyone with a heart. Some were beaten and others just abandoned and left to fend for themselves. While all of the animals are available for adoption, the unpleasant fact is that if they are old or injured or otherwise less than perfect the chances of animal adoption are virtually impossible. And so they stay at the animal sanctuary in the Andes Mountains with daily love and care.

Love and care comes at a cost which is why Juliana is seeking to raise $25,000.

Every cent of the funds will be responsibly applied as follows:

- Feeding each and every animal for one year.
- Providing all the medical needs of all the animals.
- Building proper fencing and shelter to insure their health and safety.
- Support the general operations of the farm.
- Create a greenhouse that will produce enough vegetables to make the sanctuary self-sustaining.

This verified non-profit flexible funding project is in partnership with Food for Life Global and will end on October 2, 2014.

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About the Animal Sanctuary in the Andes Mountains
Juliana Castaneda co-founded the Animal Sanctuary with her long-time friend Ekala Das. While Juliana works hard to raise funds, Ekala manages the day-to-day activities of the farm.

The fiscal partner for this campaign, Food for Life Global ( is the world's largest plant based food relief with projects in over 50 countries serving over 2 million meals daily.

The principle sponsor for this project is A Well Fed World ( a DC based charity that like Food for Life Global aims to address world hunger while also protecting animals. Even with generous support of these two reputable non profits, Juliana and Ekala need to raise additional funds to help the animals they save and give them all the care they need and deserve.