July 2012 Power Blackout in Northern India New\Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- July 2012 Power Blackout in Northern India - Undisciplined State Electricity Boards and Technology Shortcomings to Blame provides an analysis of various factors contributing to the massive power blackout in North and East India in July 2012. The unregulated power withdrawal by State Electricity Boards, inadequate rainfalls, aged power grid technologies and cyber security have been suggested as possible reasons for power outage, but are yet to be confirmed by the government of India. The power blackouts of July 30th and July 31st occurred across all of northern India covering Haryana in the North to Meghalaya in the North-East, affecting around 600 million people and disrupting critical services including railways. The power blackout initially affected the Northern power grid on July 30, but later spread to the Eastern and North-Eastern grids.


- Factors contributing to power outage in India during the month July, 2012
- Power grid infrastructure in India
- Role of state electricity boards in controlling power transmission and distribution in India
- Strategies to avert future power outage in the country

Reasons to buy

- Identify and analyze the key reasons contributing to the major power blackout in Northern India
- Gain an insight on the synchronous relation between the regional grid and their short comings that led to power outage in North and East India
- Develop strategies and methods to avert future blackouts in India
- Facilitate decision-making based on the insights on electricity industry in India

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