Jump Manual Review Reveals How to Get a 40-Inch Vertical Leap

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Kajaani, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is one complete vertical jump training that will not only benefit basketball players but also volleyball players, track athletes,etc... Jacob Hiller is an experienced athletic and basketball trainer. After years of experimenting, he finally got a formula to develop one's jumping ability and integrated that into the Jump Manual ebook.

For your information, one can only jump higher by getting stronger through strength training, getting faster via plyometric training and learning how to jump correctly. Nutrition and recovery also play a very important part in developing a players' vertical leap. All of these information are included in the Jump Manual and you will have support from other members and Jacob Hiller himself.

The program doesn't require you to have access to a weight room but it is recommended to. However dedication and discipline to the program is the most important factor to jump higher not just for show but also translate into a game or competition.

The program come in a ebook form that link to a membership area. In there you will get access to all the knowledge from years of coaching, program timetable, nutrition tips and so on. You can also have one on one coaching with Jacob as a personal trainer.

I have been personally coached by Jacob and since starting the program I have increase my vertical by at least 10 inches. The program is the best-selling of all sport. Jump Manual is your final answer to "How to jump higher"

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