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Jump Rope Exercises More Effective Fat Burner Than Running, Research Says


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- With more people wanting to lose weight, fitness experts consider it very important to choose the right kind of workout regimen in order to yield optimum results. Jogging has always been considered by a lot of people was one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted fats in the body. However, fitness experts would recommend jump rope exercises even more. Though jump rope exercise may appear less appealing to a lot of people, it could help improve the rate of fat loss and other health aspects as well. In one health teaching given to a group of people on the different kinds of fat burning exercise, many of the participants were surprised to know what jump rope exercises is more effective than running. According to one research, a-10 minute jump rope exercise with nonstop jumping at 120 RPMs has the same health benefits as when you are doing 30 minutes of jogging or playing 2 sets of tennis.

Moreover, many athletes especially boxers who are constantly watching their weight consider jump rope exercises as one of the best ways to get rid of fats. Aside from that, jump rope exercises could also help improve the cardiovascular health since the intensity of the workout is constant. Also, it is a great way to tone the muscles. When jump rope, many physical activities are at work and at the same time the body coordination is getting improved. Though jump rope exercise may look simple, it is considered as one of the best exercises for many athletes worldwide. Lastly, In order to have a better jump rope regimen, health experts recommend using high quality jumping rope

"It's certainly good for the heart. It strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time, but other considerations will determine if it's appropriate for an individual." – Peter Schulman, MD, associate professor, Cadiology/Pulmonary Medicine, University of Connecticut

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