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Jumping Rope for Fitness


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- Sometimes what kept us fit and active in our youth can make a reappearance in adult life, bringing with it additional benefits we never considered as children. Jumping rope is one of these activities that children engage in but often give up with age. But recent studies have highlighted how this childhood exercise can improve agility, speed, and provide a fun, effective cardiovascular workout for those looking to improve health or lose weight.

For years top athletes have been using jump rope exercises to tone and strengthen their body for sports. Boxers, basketball stars, football players, and even tennis players have all adapted jump rope into workout routines to improve their agility, speed and overall performance in their sports. The workout burns calories and provides an effective cardio workout in addition to burning tons of calories. The exercises can be adapted to various fitness levels, and adjusted for those who may need a less impact in a workout while still providing an excellent workout

In addition to the above benefits, jumping rope is an inexpensive activity anyone can take part in. No gym membership is necessary as the equipment can be purchased at any store, and the exercises can be performed anywhere there is room to swing the rope and jump. Not only that, it’s an activity that can be fun for the whole family, encouraging fitness in youth as well as adult hood.

When getting started with jumping rope, be sure to find proper supportive footwear that gives cushioning and bounce during the activity. Also start by alternating foot to foot, staying light on the toes to work balance and agility. The results will come quickly, and this childhood activity may soon be a staple in any workout program designed for any lifestyle. Give it a try and jump into fitness today!

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