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Kenwick, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Jumpstart invites fitness freaks and health enthusiasts around the globe to get a healthy workout the easy way. Over the years Trampoline sale in Sydney, Melbourne and Berlin has seen a considerable increase. Last year itself, numerous events were held that not only proved that its gaining popularity but everywhere more and more people are going to trampolines sale. But the if you can order it online why to visit a garage sale. With a wide range of trampoline options, the customers have the choice to buy as per their pocket and space among other factors. Trampolines have numerous advantages including cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination and agility, low impact exercise, muscle toning, improved health, improved bone density and stress relief.

As per a study carried out by NASA, 10 minutes of bouncing exercise is better than 33 minutes of running. It was reported that both of these showed similar heart rate level and oxygen consumption. In short it is said that the biomechanical stimuli gets better with bouncing on a trampoline than with running. Apart from that bouncing also happens to increase co-ordination and agility. It will not only help you co-ordinate your hands and legs while bouncing or adjust position accordingly, for e.g gymnasts and acrobats.

It provides an all rounder workout unlike other forms of exercise such as jogging, playing tennis. Bouncing on trampolines is also said to be the most low impact exercise as the mat or pad tend to absorb more than 80 percent of the shock in rebound. It is best for those undergoing rehabilitation and less mobility. Also used for muscle toning, trampolines improve posture and increase muscle health. It also reduces the fat percentage in your body.

Trampoline bouncing also helps in improving your health by increasing your metabolic rate and its ability to burn calories more efficiently. Since the g-force increases, the cells become much more stronger and it also helps in boosting the immune cell activity. Apart from that bouncing on trampolines increases bone density hence, reducing the risk of brittle bone disease , fractures and osteoporosis. The bone mineral condition also improves at the same time and since the trampoline pad absorbs the impact it is quite safe. So get a trampoline and say goodbye to your health problems.

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