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June and the Wolves: Beautifully-Illustrated Poetry Book Helps Young Readers Understand Symbolism in Writing.

With a spirited Beagle as their guide, Jackie Austin’s latest book exposes young readers to the imagery poetry genre in an engaging and immersive way. Containing an abundance of original acrylic paintings, the book’s narrative is supported by stunning visual adventures.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- Unknown to many young people, imagery and poetry can fuse to form an enriching literary experience. Taking this concept to a young audience and inviting them to learn more, author and illustrator Jackie Austin is delighted to announce the launch of her latest book.

‘June and The Wolves: The Tale of a Spirited Beagle’ is more than a picture book; it’s an engaging written and visual story which will inspire all young readers to recognize the beauty of symbolism.


This imagery poetry written over acrylic paintings is about June Opus: a spirited beagle that lives in a house in the middle of a forest. Her knowledge, expert skills, and fearless behavior are her keys for survival and success. Those attributes are only surpassed by her extreme optimism, but also enhanced by her wittiness and cleverness. The use of anthropomorphism in the story provides an exciting plot during June’s encounter with a pack of wolves.

The interaction between the characters and images is spiced with symbolism representing two main themes: the thin line between species in nature, and the similarities between the wild and human worlds. The story develops on one site only; however, the art works have been inspired by different locations throughout the world.

As the author explains, her book is truly unique among the young reader market.

“I believe that this is a unique book; the story is important because it exposes children to the imagery poetry genre in a very meaningful way, which is an important approach on every learning process. This is accomplished using the character of a beagle (a very gentle and likable dog), and this image is mainly what captures the attention of young readers,” says Austin, who also writes books for adults.

She continues, “In addition, the story also opens the topic of the use of symbolism in writing.”

As a renowned illustrator, Austin personally added color to each and every page of her book.

“Every page of June and the Wolves was illustrated from scratch with acrylic paintings and used as templates to portray the text of the poetry. This is a powerful word/image combination which will allow young readers to travel deep into the story and experience it with vivid delight,” she adds.

Critics praise Austin for the diligent efforts she has used to catch the attention of young readers and educate them on a facet of language that is seldom given attention.

Due to the books increasing popularity, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘June and The Wolves: The Tale of a Spirited Beagle’, published by June & The Wolves Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/WF6pjJ

For more information, follow the author in Twitter: https://twitter.com/juneopus

About the Author: Jackie Austin
Jackie Austin is the author and illustrator of her most recent work, June and the Wolves: the Tale of a Spirited Beagle, and a mystery novel series. Prior to her writing career, Jackie worked in the financial industry and has a diverse business background in banking operations. Austin holds a summa cum laude B.A.degree in Education.