Junior National Indoor Championship Successes Show Archery as a Sport on the Rise


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- Considerable interest in the recent UK Junior National Indoor Championships for Archery have highlighted that it is a sport with considerable potential for growth in 2016; with even greater involvement expected. The championships saw a number of the country's most talented young archers take part, including award-winner Connor Downs. This extent of young talent is one of the key factors behind why further growth is anticipated for the sport this year.

The National Indoor Championships has also grown in profile over the years, and 2015 saw it hosted from the sizeable National Agricultural Centre in Warwickshire just before Christmas. A number of nationally successful junior archers were present; highlighting that the sport has a strong youth network often in partnership with schools and leisure facilities. Young interest in sport is vital for its continuation and this is an important element in archery.

There were also considerable awards at the archery event, with Alex Rowe, aged 16, scoring an impressive 579 out of 600 in the 'Portsmouth' round. This entitled him to win the Junior Gents Under 18 Recurve category; a position he was highly pleased with. The ability for the sport to extend these awards also emphasizes that there is growing competitive interest in it as an activity. Keen to comment on this was Solware, an expert in the area and a prime provider of archery equipment. A spokesperson had this to say:

"Archery is set to be a sport on the rise in 2016, and the National Indoor Championships for young people just before Christmas indicated that it is an activity where lots of young talent is available and a great extent of interest too. Therefore, the coming year could be considered a great time to get involved and that's why at Solware we offer a wide range of archery equipment."

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