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Jurnal Offers 14 Days Free Trial of Their Online Accounting Software


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2016 -- The widely popular online accounting software that is currently highly trusted and recommended by hundreds of small and medium enterprises – Jurnal now offers 14 Days Free Trial. The team of Jurnal has specially developed this software to provide maximum security and convenience to its users.

"There are many accounting software available these days, but Jurnal is not like your any regular accounting software because the developers of Jurnal have specially designed it for small and medium firms which are usually forgotten. Yes! We understand the needs of small and medium firms this is the reason why we are widely recommended by small and medium firm owners because after using our software, they also agreed that Jurnal is indeed the most simple-to-use and secure online accounting software for small and medium enterprises. So, if you are in search of a good accounting software that doesn't only make your accounting work easier, but more secure as well - then try our software for FREE", stated the spokesperson of Jurnal.

Jurnal offers several features that make Jurnal stand out from the other online accounting software currently famous in the market. Those features include Jurnal is a cloud software which means that it allows is users can access the account from anywhere in the world with devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and/or desktop; it can create Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Professional Letter automatically; it can arrange financial reports and business activity in real-time with one-click; It can monitor stock and do inventory taking for a proper report; it can do Real-time Collaboration which means that one can add more users for multi-tasking performance; and several other features.

Apart from Jurnal's amazing features, Jurnal is also widely famous for the level of security that it provides to its users. Jurnal uses an AES-256 encryption with a key that is made specifically for each user, and the network communication between the user and the Jurnal is also secured with SSL technology to ensure maximum data security.

The best thing is that the team of Jurnal is currently offering 14 days free trial; as stated by the spokesperson of Jurnal, "If you are unsure about the usefulness of our online accounting software, then don't worry give it a try for 14 days and we are sure that you will most definitely fall in love with it".

About Jurnal
Jurnal is a widely popular, trusted and recommended online accounting software which is simple, safe and secure to use. It offers several amazing features and is currently available for 14 days free trial.

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