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Just Call Me Larry: Powerful New Memoir Recounts & Examines Author's Life on Both Sides of 'Iron Curtain''

Ladislau Hajos’ compelling life story takes readers from Nicolae Ceausescu’s brutal regime in Romania to the prospect of a fruitful new life in the United States. However, exactly how different is life on the other side of the ‘iron curtain’? Hajos bares all while begging the question – can Communism and Capitalism ever coexist peacefully?


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- While thousands of authors and journalists have written about Europe’s post-WWII divide known as the ‘iron curtain’, few have experienced life on both sides. However, Romanian Ladislau Hajos is now at a time in his life when he spent equal years on each side and developed a powerful perspective about Communist vs. Capitalist life. Everything is exposed in his powerful new book.

‘Just Call Me Larry: Memoirs: Living On Both Sides Of The Iron Curtain’ is a deeply-personal account of Hajos’ life raw, analytical and frankly honest.


Is the grass really greener on this side of the Iron Curtain? There is no one better qualified to present both perspectives than Ladislau G. Hajos, a Romanian citizen who was compelled to take leave of his country after living there for thirty-six years. Settling in the United States, he has now logged more than thirty more years on American soil, which afforded him ample time in both realms to weigh in on communism, capitalism, and how to balance both philosophies as an immigrant from a socialist society.

With candor and rare access, ‘Just Call Me Larry: Memoirs: Living On Both Sides Of The Iron Curtain’ is his candid account of the experiences he endured during the famed Ceausescu regime, and the subsequent new life he came to love in the United States. With raw honesty and an illuminating point of view on the merits and failings of both political systems, this enthralling memoir offers a glimpse into the pre-Glasnost Eastern bloc that is certain to enhance anyone’s understanding of just why the Iron Curtain kept its own so close, and its potential enemies so determinedly distant.

As the author explains, his memoir fuses a bold personal story with candid social and political study.

“I start by taking readers back to 1982, a time when I was desperate to leave Romania to distance myself from the brutal regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. This in itself was extremely complex but, after landing on American soil, I quickly came to realize that the complexities were far from over,” says Hajos.

Continuing, “The cultural and ideological changes I faced were very tough and I explain all in a very honest manner. The book’s focus on the historical background of what I faced will enable anyone to gain a clearer sense of why the Iron Curtain was so formidably unbreachable.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

For example, the book’s publisher commented, “This book follows the life of Romanian man as he makes his way from a happy childhood into adulthood and eventually immigration to America. It is filled with anecdotes and adventures from a well-lived life. Hajos also addresses the history of the Jewish population of Romania, continuing through increasing anti-Semitic sentiments from the 1920’s. He traces the increasing persecution of the Jewish people during the war, finally resulting in several hundred thousand Romanian Jewish lives lost.”

‘Just Call Me Larry: Memoirs: Living On Both Sides Of The Iron Curtain’ is available now: http://amzn.to/ICPc6C.

About the Author: Ladislau G. Hajos
Author Ladislau G. Hajos is an electrical engineer with masters of Science degrees in electrical engineering from both the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and Drexel University in Philadelphia. Born in 1946 in Bucharest, Romania, he immigrated to the United States in 1982. As the sole surviving member of his family, the author’s memoir of his youth in Romania and subsequent life in America is the result of years of research in order to obtain essential biographical information. His first book, Search for Love, is the story of his uncle Ruzicskay Gyorgy, a famous Hungarian painter, and his wife Etelka. The author is now retired and lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with his wife, Dr. Linda Edelstein.