Just Call Me Madam, the Life of Jenny Wren by Jenny Wren


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- “It has been hectic, terrifying, rewarding, foolish, painful, joyful, but by no means boring,” says Jenny Wren when describing her tumultuous life. Just Call Me Madam tells of Jenny’s work in a brothel, a side of life that most people don’t see, much less experience. Although Wren started as a naïve child bride, over a period of years she ended up as a madam in the alluring sex industry.

In her adventure-filled story, Jenny Wren shares her happiness, sorrow, excitement, misfortunes, as well as her mistakes. Her life is filled with contrast: shacks on remote beaches where she fished to million dollar fishing fleets where she enjoyed; she was a victim of domestic violence, yet proud Mother of three children. Jenny Wren tells everything that happens to her, and even when she was down and defeated, Jenny knew that she would always come through, that she always had “one more chance.” That optimism shines through the pages of this book.

Most importantly, one will see the inner workings of a brothel and what goes on behind closed doors. Wren tells her story in a very conversational manner, talking of the type of people attracted to the sex industry and how they behave. She describes daily life in great detail with deep empathy for the women involved. The tale is intriguing because, really, how many people know how a brothel operates, and even more so, how many people would tell if they did. Jenny did. This tale, although dark at times, also has its light-hearted moments. “Jenny’s Retreat,” with its ringing phones and background chatter, is the actual setting for this expose’ of the sex trade in Australia.

This honest yet complex woman opens up her world to people’s eyes in her tell-all autobiography, but she did change the names to protect the innocent. . .and the guilty.

Jenny Wren was born in 1949 at Big Bell, a small mining town in central Western Australia—a ghost town today. She is second oldest in a family of four children, and married early, at age 16. She had her first child at age 17. In total, Jenny has 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.

Today, she takes great joy in her second marriage; Jenny and Grant are at present enjoying their extensive travels throughout Australia. Jenny Wren has great admiration for her husband, and compliments him in her Acknowledgements as her co-author since “he put it all to words from my memory and ramblings, typing out every word with one finger.” She has found love.

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