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Just Cloud Reviews Launches in Depth Consumer Investigation Into Popular Cloud Computing Service

New website, Just Cloud Reviews, looks into Just Cloud and discovers exactly what users can get from the package.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Cloud computing is an increasing trend, particularly as far as storage is concerned. Many feel that the advantages of having instant access anywhere to data allows them complete freedom in computing, and can afford them more space than it would cost to buy in physical drives. The critics claim that individuals are giving up privacy and data integrity in exchange for convenience. With the debate raging, sites like are being created to dispel myths and impartially review these services so that consumers can be confident they’re getting the best deal.

The review of Just Cloud takes the form of an editorial written in several subsections, enlightening readers as to the origin and key features of the Just Cloud service before explaining the additional benefits included with a subscription, including mobile app access and free trial options.

The review then gets into the technical side of the product and explains its operating system compatibility and concludes with an aggregated impression generated from the total user feedback researched by the review, using all these things to inform their conclusion. The site additionally compares the product to leading competitors in order to demonstrate Just Cloud’s service in context.

A spokesperson for explained, “The reviews we publish promise to be in depth, accurate and impartial. As well as reviewing the Just Cloud service, we also review the Google Drive, and have created editorial material on the benefits of cloud storage and the ways to get the best out of these services. We have also done a side by side comparison of both Google Drive and Crash Plan so that consumers can see Just Cloud set against its principle competitors. The key things we use to make our recommendations are security, scalability, cost of storage and quality of provision- in this way, all our readers will find everything they need to know in one place.”

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