Just in Time for Christmas Premium Pet Wellness Products from Unleashed Life


Springfield, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Pets are just like your family and you love them as they are one of your family members. Doesn’t matter if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, a hamster or any you surely do love your pets and with Christmas coming up, like your family members you also would like to give a present to them as well. If you are wondering what to get the pet lover in your life for Christmas, look no further. Unleashed Life’s premium pet wellness product line Apawthikare is now there for your cats and dogs. Unleashed Life is an exclusive online pet boutique where you can find pet products ranging from luxury pet beds, designer bowls to elevated feeders for your favorite dogs and cats. Unleashed Life’s pet products are well crafted and fused with natural and exotic materials and in this modern world where style matters, Unleashed Life believes that ‘Style… is not reserved for humans.’

Unleashed Life products for pets are well known because of the high standards that they have set in the past. And now after forever changing the standards in the pet industry by creating luxurious pet beds, designer bowls and elevated feeders, it was time to raise the bar for how they treat pets’ other needs...their health. Health is an important aspect of any living thing either it’s a human being or an animal or the masses, should ensure the products they are using are healthy.

This innovative line was designed by nationally recognized trauma and burn surgeon, Dr. Roger Huckfeldt and PhD Biologist, Dr. Phillip Finley who have spent their careers studying the physiology behind skin care and wound healing. Therefore, you can be sure that the products you are buying for your products are healthy, stylish and comforting at the same time. These products are backed by extensive medical research, Apawthikare’s patented formulation contains only ingredients that are approved by the FDA for use on humans and produced in FDA recognized medical facilities.

Apawthikare’s advanced line of pet wellness products offer a natural fast-acting solution for restoring healthy skin and happy pets. There are two Apawthikare pet wellness set, Apawthikare collection and Apawthikare Premium Pet Wellness Set. The normal Apawthikare collection is available for $8.00 while the premium Apawthikare collection is available for $60.00 down from $80.00, which is a limited time offer. Apawthikare is natural, non-toxic, alcohol free and effective solution to restore the healthy skin of your loved pets. Through a strategic partnership between Unleashed Life and Mercy Medical Research Institute, Apawthikare has been developed with the support and expertise of one of the top clinical research communities in the country. Give your favorite pet the best gift this holiday season with Unleashed Life premium pet wellness products.

About Unleashed Life
Unleashed Life is an exclusive online pet boutique where you can find pet products that include luxury pet beds, designer bowls and elevated feeders for your favorite dogs and cats. Unleashed Life was founded on the ideal of using thoughtful designs and high quality product to incorporate the lives of our animal companions into the human-living environment. High-style and craftsmanship are fused with natural and exotic materials to create our sophisticated line of dog bowls, elevated feeding dishes, canisters for treats, luxury dog beds, dining tables for your pets and home accents. While our dogs play in the Unleashed Life office, our dedicated staff oversees all stages of the pet product line from design and development to manufacturing and packaging to proudly ensure that STYLE…IS NOT RESERVED FOR HUMANS.

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