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Just Posted: The Best Credit Card Rewards for 2013, According to Cloud Technology Systems, Inc.


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. has spent the first couple months of 2013 sifting through all of the current credit cards that offer rewards. They have finally posted their top two picks in every major category. Cloud Technology Systems posted their top rewards credit cards for 2013 here

- Airline reward credit cards
- Shopping reward credit cards
- Hotel reward credit cards
- Cash back reward credit cards

The top pick for airline rewards was a card specifically designed to attract air travelers and its main focus is on airline miles. It is pointed out that many cards offer air miles in conjunction with other types of rewards which many times weakens the airline rewards offered by that card.

The choice for shopping rewards cards offers a very generous points program; these two top picks have great incentive points when you join.

Shopping points are generally more flexible than airline rewards due to the fact that the shopping points can be used in multiple shopping outlets.

The hotel rewards pick went to a company that is currently offering new customers a large bonus of points upon sign up. Both the second and first choice by Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. comes from the same credit card company.

Cash back rewards is one of the toughest categories to pick a winner for according the book Best Credit Card Rewards 2013 . In general exchanging rewards points for cash back generally equates to a lesser value than trading points for goods and services. Regardless Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. has made their pick for the top two cash back rewards credit cards.

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