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Just Starting an Insurance Agency and Have No Credibility? Do This


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2016 -- Whether or not an insurance agent or agency has credibility, or being new in the business does not stop that person from getting the best possible leads and growing a successful client base. With that success comes credibility.

Insurance agents just getting started usually find their days filled with tasks that keep them busy putting together their businesses. They often do not have the time to think about building those businesses other than in a general way and by simply realizing they have to have a solid foundation to build on.

"Where does a new agent, and even an experienced one, begin to build a solid foundation to grow their business? The best place to start is by making the commitment to buy quality leads, leads that are pre-screened and pre-qualified and exclusive to you only. Yes, they do cost a bit more than non-exclusive leads, but their conversion rate is higher as well," explained Clelland Green, RHU, CEO,

Some agents have been heard to say that calling real time, genuinely interested potential clients is still cold calling. That is not correct. While it is calling, it is not cold calling because all the leads' information is included when the lead arrives in the inbox. All that remains for the agent to do is to make a call and meet a new friend and customer (on conversion).

Knowing information in advance helps an agent determine what way to present them his or herself, what the client may be interested in and even some talking points that would help break the ice. Cold calling is picking up the phone and calling a name with no extra information. Calling exclusive leads is far easier, takes less time, overall costs less money, thanks to the higher rate of conversion, and is a smart investment of agency marketing dollars.

"Never hesitate to make the most of marketing dollars when it comes to buying exclusive leads you can count on to grow your business," added Green.