Just4Smokers Is Now Offering Incredibowl Mini's at a New Low Price


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Just4Smokers is proud to announce their Incredibowl Mini's at a new low price of $50.00. They are constantly adding the highest quality of name brand water pipes and bowls at the most affordable prices. For those who smoke responsibly, they can now take advantage of Just4Smokers' daily deals and buy glass bongs online and other accessories they may be interested in.

The Incredibowl comes in a variety of colors to choose from to suit everyone’s style. It is secured by the anodizedaluminium BowlArmor which helps protect it from breaking if one were to accidentally drop it. For those who may be a bit clumsy, the Incredibowl can be a great alternative instead of a standard glass pipe.

With the Incredibowl's technology it allows the smoke to be cooled and clean of any tars before flowing into the shatterproof chamber. With this new low price, responsible smokers can take advantage of this high quality Incredibowl. Just4Smokers online head shop continues to roll out with incredible deals for the dedicated smokers.

Just4Smokers, an all out “online smoke shop,” stocks the coolest glass pipes and water pipes available today. If one is a dedicated smoker and in need of a cool glass pipe, water pipe, portable vaporizer and more, Just4Smokers can help. They're working with top glass blowers that create the hottest and coolest glass pipes and bubblers for tobacco use only.

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