Joe Bragg Creates a Stir Among Fans of the Long-Awaited Diablo 3 Video Game


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- Video games have now existed for decades, creating a loyal fan base that is always ready for the latest and greatest new game. As technology has improved, game worlds have become more and more complex, and gamers have become even more loyal. Because of this increased sophistication, tips and tricks are often traded amongst gamers in order to navigate the games in the best way possible.

With video games evolving right alongside the Internet, this video game community has found its home online. Game fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Diablo 3, and most of them have gone online for the latest information on this game. Many of them have been talking about a new website that provides them with all the news they are looking for.

JustD3 is a website with all the resources needed to master Diablo 3. For those who have never heard of Diablo 3, JustD3 provides an explanation:

“Diablo 3 gameplay is an Action Role Playing Game, or ARPG, that sends players on a journey to defend the world against the ever powerful Burning Hells and defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo himself.”

The website continues, “In Diablo 3, you can pick from five different character classes and as you journey, customize your hero to create a completely unique champion.”

Visitors will find the latest Diablo 3 news, guides and strategies for playing this exciting game. The website includes information on the Diablo 3 history and backstory, found in the “What Is Diablo 3?” section, as well as details on the Diablo 3 characters and storyline, in the “Storyline” section. The video that sums up the Diablo 3 story in five minutes should not be missed.

Those who want a distinct advantage in playing the game can check out the website’s “Skills” section for explanations on the abilities of each character in the game. For an even bigger advantage, visitors can look at the information on Diablo 3 Classes, which explains the categories of different characters in the game.

The website is filled with pictures of the gameplay, so those who have not yet gotten a copy of this game can at least get a sneak peek at what they can expect. Gamers who just want to browse the website will find links on the right side of each page that show the top stories and the newest stories to be posted of JD3.

About JustD3
JustD3 is a website with resources on everything Diablo 3. JustD3 provides news, guides, strategies and much more to both fans and newcomers. The website has been providing the latest news on the game since before the release, and now that Diablo 3 is on shelves, JustD3 offers the latest information and tips to help players master the game.

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