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JustSurfrax.com Completes Radical Website Overhaul and Rebrand

Well known car surfboard rack website launches long anticipated new website, with completely new branding.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Surfing is an incredibly fun hobby, but the equipment isn’t exactly portable. A massive 7ft long surfboard is a million miles from pocket sized. It’s important for surfers to be able to transport their boards easily. Hunting down those elusive big waves can involve miles of driving, and many surfers aren’t lucky enough to live anywhere near the coast. However car surf racks make it possible to securely attach surfboards to a vehicle for easy transport.

One surfboard rack related website that is getting a lot of attention is JustSurfrax.com. This online surfboard rack website has long enjoyed a reputation in the surfing community for excellent prices and customer service. The site has recently come into renewed prominence as a result of a comprehensive redesign and rebranding program.

The site’s new design makes it easier to browse through their huge range of surf rack related products than ever before. They don’t just sell surfboard racks for cars; they have an entire range of racks for many different modes of transport, including mopeds and push bikes. This is in addition to their selection of surfboard wall racks and display racks. They have literally every type of rack imaginable.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Surfboards are pretty unwieldy. They are often taller than people. It’s difficult to get them into cars and even to walk around with them. However surfing is all about moving. It’s all about finding the best line of coast with the biggest, highest waves. Surfers tend to cover a lot of distance, with their surfboards in tow. That’s why surfboard racks for cars, bikes and other forms of transport are absolutely essential for surfers. Of course surfers also need to store their surfboards somewhere, and it’s a shame to put these beautiful items out of the way. That’s why we also sell surfboard display racks, to show off the cool designs of a board. Speaking of cool designs, our new site redesign makes it easier than ever to find and buy a surf rack from our site. Our aim is to be a one stop shop for every type of surf rack in the world.”

About JustSurfrax.com
JustSurfrax.com is an online retailer of surfboard racks for cars and other vehicles, as well as secure display racks to store and display a surfboard.

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