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Justus Janitorial Offers Green Cleaning Service


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- In a day when Green cleaning is often a marketing ploy, Justus Janitorial believes that Green cleaning is far more than a website boast. Green cleaning means more than putting a few products on the cart. The team from Justus cleaning is trained and certified as a Green cleaning service.

For those that might wonder what Green cleaning really means, it is first and foremost a commitment to health. Cleaning a business can be viewed as a chore or series of tasks. The process to create a healthy workplace is a marriage of Green products, Green processes, and a knowledge of what it takes to create a sanitized and healthy workplace.

Justus Cleaning integrates all the key elements that may seem like small factors. However, the professional knows that the best job is the result of bringing the best ideas to each customers. These ideas include microfiber cleaning tools, HEPA vacuums, non-acid bowl cleaners, recycled paper goods, and avoiding cleaning chemicals and sprays that emit VOCs.

In fact, cleaning for health is a system that requires an understanding of many aspects of cleaning. It can be the choice of fragrances, the window clean being used, or the decision to use a feather duster or not. In fact, Green cleaning has identified more than 200 decisions that could be made by a cleaning service.

The inclusion of a few Green products is little more than tokenism. Green cleaning is a full blown commitment to the whole process. The reward is better health, avoidance of common illnesses, and a longer life. Sick building make people sick as well. It does not need to happen today, but can happen over a decade as long-term exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, and befouled air can and does occur in some of the better buildings of any community.

The statistic are gradually emerging that sick buildings are more prevalent than anyone things. More than 30% of building have mold issues. The EPA tells us that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, and the indoor air is more than 5-6 time worse than outside air.

Cleaning is more than a cleanliness issue. It is certainly a health issue. Justus Cleaning encourages all businesses to consider the value of their cleaning service as a partner in employee health.