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K and W Auto Releases Industry-First Report on VIN-Checking Services

Company's work will help consumers make more informed choices when buying used cars


Westland, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- K and W Auto announced the completion of a report covering some of the most widely used vehicle identification number-checking services on the Internet. Researching a vehicle's VIN is considered by many experts to be one of the most important steps toward buying a used car or truck, and K and W Auto's report on a number of the services used for this will help consumers make better, more cost-efficient and satisfying choices.

"There's a wealth of information tied to a vehicle identification number," company representative Robert S. Young said, "but that doesn't mean that every VIN-researching service is up to the task of unearthing it." Every road-going vehicle manufactured in the last thirty years carries a unique, standardized, identifying number referred to as a VIN. When vehicles are involved in accidents or undergo major repairs for other reasons, reports are generated which are attached to these VINs. By making use of services which collect and transmit these reports, those thinking about buying particular used vehicles can discover if they have previously suffered damage which sellers might attempt to conceal or be disinclined to reveal.

"As we surveyed and reviewed the best-known VIN research services, we found a surprising amount of variation in their terms and fees," Young continued, "so our report will be of great interest to buyers who want to improve their chances of getting a great deal on a used car or truck." While most of the online services which offer VIN research set fees which are economical in comparison to the price of the average used car or truck, these charges can add up quickly for customers who give serious consideration to more than one vehicle. K and W Auto investigation identified a number of especially compelling options for buyers in this camp, as some services offer subscription plans or steep discounts on VIN checks following the first.

"Virtually every used car buyer knows how important it is to have a mechanic look over any prospective purchase," Young concluded, "but the fact is, VIN checks are just as critical. Getting an inexpensive VIN report can often reveal problems that will rule a car out entirely and do so much more cost-efficiently than taking it to a mechanic would." K and W Auto recent investigation into various VIN-reporting services is part of its greater mission to empower buyers of used vehicles with all of the knowledge they need to make good decisions. The company's report is available on its website, free of charge, where it also provides a wealth of other information useful in the process of buying a used vehicle.

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