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Family Lawyer K. Beth Luna Joins the Attorney Guide Family

K. Beth Luna is now listed on Attorney Guide


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- The Attorney Guide family continues to grow and attract more talented and ethical lawyers from numerous types of legal practice. K. Beth Luna is an outstanding family lawyer and has carefully and proficiently navigated numerous family cases and issues. With over a decade of Nevada family law experience, she has a flattering reputation for ethical conduct as well as a significantly high success rate.

K. Beth Luna is actually bar certified for family law in three states, Nevada, Tennessee and Florida but her primary practice is working for her Reno Nevada clientele on their important family law matters. After relocating to Reno in 2007 K. Beth Luna has focused on family courtroom law, as well as drafting legislation and working to protect the rights and safety of domestic abuse victims.

Ms. Luna’s practice specializes in putting the family first. Putting an emphasis on the understanding of individual requirements in each case of family law she takes on. This individual compassionate approach allows her to navigate even difficult and trying matters of family law with a strong ethical center, tactfully and to the ongoing satisfaction of her clients.

As a family lawyer K. Beth Luna is more than capable in several domestic matters. Child support, parental rights and adoption law are just one facet of her family law practice. Simple marital issues like pre-nuptial agreements, annulments name changes and domestic mediation are also matters that Ms. Luna can bring years of family law expertise and professionalism to bear for her clients. She is a proud addition to the Attorney Guide

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