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K Is for 'Kindi Koala' in Enchanting New Alphabet Book

Written and illustrated by Pamela Harden, ‘ABC's From The Whippety Wood: The Magic In Nature’ is a colorful, imaginative new way for children to expand their language skills and develop an appreciation for the wonders of nature. Readers who are weary with the traditional animals found in most storybooks will adore the unusual creatures between the pages of Harden’s book and parents and teachers will enjoy how they excite children to learn their ‘ABCs.’


Prairie du Sac, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Teaching children the alphabet can be a thankless job for educators and parents alike, with countless books and songs that put the focus solely on language and neglect the imagination.

“Learning should be a joyful experience for both the teacher and the student,” says Pamela Harden, author and illustrator of new book, ‘ABC's From The Whippety Wood: The Magic In Nature’. “It doesn’t have to be boring or rigorous. Children are so inventive and have lively ideas – why not build on their instinctive sense of fun and their desire to learn?”

‘ABC's From The Whippety Wood: The Magic In Nature’ is a rollicking trip through the alphabet, where readers will meet twenty-six characters, one for each letter. With names like ‘Bertie Badger’ and ‘Edmund Eagle’, these animals will delight children with their antics (who doesn’t adore the idea of a teapot who thinks he’s a dragon?) and instill an understanding of nature and the preservation of species.

What will you find in the Whippety Wood? From a merry acorn fairy to Zillo the zebra unicorn, young children are certain to discover the magic of nature, while they also master every letter of the alphabet. With whimsy and wonder, ABC’s From The Whippety Wood is a delightful teaching tool for children ages three to six years old that vividly showcases each alphabet letter, as well as the beauty of nature. This vibrantly illustrated children’s picture book by Pamela Harden will inspire a deeper appreciation of the natural world, while it teaches children the fundamentals of language in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. ABC’s From The Whippety Wood introduces twenty-six colorful characters, one for each letter of the alphabet. Brought to life with fanciful illustrations, these fairies, animals, and plants represented are all found in the mythical Whippety Wood of Scotland. Children will meet charming animals like Bertie Badger, who drives a new motorcar; PiiPing Panda, who has a passion for peppermint; and the regal Edmund Eagle who watches over the wood from his treetop nest.

Kids will also enjoy the host of fairies in the wood, like the cheery Christmas fairy and the daring dairy fairy, and learn how other Whippety fairies travel far and wide to educate humans in the care and protection of our world. Kids will also meet Fitzgerald Fox, who is featured in a beautiful bed of foxgloves; Gwillie the Greylag Goose, who is portrayed alongside the lovely geranium fairy; and Jit the Junco, with his companion the juniper fairy. They’ll learn that Qwilliam Quail is fond of quince and Kindi Koala likes flying a kite; young readers will also hear about how Nate and Nat Nuthatch build their nest. Together, the pursuits and habits of these animals will give parents a wealth of ways to excite their children about nature at a young age. Imagine a teapot who thinks he’s a dragon, or a vole who lives in an old violin. From A to Z, the Whippety Wood is brimming over with a merry cast of creatures that will capture the imaginations of young children everywhere, and help them foster a lifelong love of reading. The book also features fun facts that will broaden a child’s understanding of each of the featured characters. Kids and adults alike are sure to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the wonder that exists in our extraordinary natural world and discover the magic of nature.

Harden’s deep personal beliefs about the preservation of the natural world are the backbone of the book, with its vivacious drawings and lovingly-sketched characters.

“I’d be so happy if children and their parents discussed animals and nature while reading my book,” says Harden. “Each one of these characters is full of fun or mischief and I believe that children will respond to them in that lovely, open-hearted way that children do.”

Continuing: “It saddens me that too often children today have little connection with the outdoors. They may sit inside for most of the day and play on their computers, without the chance to get out there and splash in puddles or search for bugs in the grass. They’re missing such a magical experience. My intention with this book is to engage their minds to not only learn about the alphabet, but also open their eyes to the majesty that can be found just outside the front door.”

Since it’s publication, the book has earned glowing reviews from readers.

“My six year old daughter received the magical world of Whippety Wood as a gift from a dear friend and I cannot tell you how enchanting and fabulous it is - as well as being an Extraordinary way of helping her to read - the characters, the illustrations and the fairy magic - make this Much more than a traditional "ABC" book,” wrote Sammy Todd.

Dagny Taggart was equally complimentary, writing: “This 'teach the ABC's' book is simply lovely. Flora, fauna and fairies are detailed in vibrant colors, sure to catch the eye of eye of a young one. The wording will twist your tongue. The typical animals (cat, cow, monkey,) are not often seen here. Rather there are juncos, quail, hedgehogs and voles, which provide an opportunity for a child to learn non-conventional animals. Also, the fairies are varied in nationality and skin color, which is wonderful. A charming and original twist on a traditional type book.”

‘ABC's From The Whippety Wood: The Magic In Nature’, is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1kC5I81

About the Author
Inspired by nature, Pamela Harden has been an illustrator for the past twenty five years in the United States and England. She and her husband are avid hikers and stargazers who enjoy the magic of nature every day in their own Whippety Wood in rural Wisconsin, where they live with their Scottie, Rupert McTweed.