K-Slick Has Just Announced That His Compelling Album, Twenty One, Is Now Available on iTunes


Leesport, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- K-Slick, a rising and buzzing rap artist, has just announced that his latest mix tape, “Twenty One”, is now available on iTunes. Word has it that K-Slick’s new album is currently being offered for $9.99 on iTunes. Released last July 02,2013, the album, Twenty One, includes  12 tracks from this compelling artist, namely Kill you, Killin It (featuring Nunez), Stuntin, Its OK (featuring Saigon), Finally Home, The Honest Truth, A*****e, Judge Judy, Gangsta Love, What’s Beef? (featuring Nunez), Crime Chronicles, and Answers. Furthermore, the album features a bonus track called Carnage. To preview song from this album or to download the whole album, navigate to

Aside from this latest development, K-Slick is also proud to announced that the official music video for the track, Stuntin has received a lot of positive reviews and comments from Youtube users. Currently, the video has received more than 70, 000 views. As sources have said, the number of views for this music video is expected to rise next week. To watch this music video, visit

K-Slick has been making music and rapping since he was fifteen years ago. As expected from an experienced rap artist, K-Slick has sharp rhyming skills and excellent beats. As a rap artist, K-Slick has shared the stage with several established and prominent hip hop artists like Jadakiss, Killa Priest, Canibus, Joe Budden, and many more. With his vast experience and excellent rapping skills, it is no surprise that this rap artist is considered one of the budding superstars in the industry.

K-Slick tracks are unlike any other hip hop songs you would hear in the radio. Compared to other rap artists, K-Slick has more substance and meaning to his tracks. As a rapper, his songs are inspirational, and have a lot of meaning behind them.  For the most part, his tracks do not come from random ideas, as they are well thought and versed. Furthermore, the theme for his songs varies from one song to another. As an artist, K-Slick thrives on being flexible with the theme of his songs. By far, K-Slick is one of the most flexible rap artists in the industry today. In an interview, K-Slick said “Picking an exact title would be difficult, I feel like I’m so versatile, however I do focus on lyricism and meaningful rap so I guess Lyricsm… Lyrical rap. Music with a message.”

Through his music, K-Slick wants to make the world a better place to live. In an interview, K-Slick was asked on what his ultimate goal is for his music career. K-Slick replied “To become the undisputed best. And use my influence to change the world for the better.. Also to show the world Toronto is more than Drake…sounds farfetched but hey, dream big…”

Unlike other rappers in the industry, K-Slick is very generous to his followers, fans and listeners. As a matter of fact, he is even allowing his followers to listen and stream to his new album, Twenty One, for free. If you want to listen and stream to his music without spending a dime, visit

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