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K2 Trophies & Awards Explains Why Cheerleading Is a Sport


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- What sport requires its participants to have coordination, dexterity, tumbling ability, great balance and flexibility, rhythm, endurance, and the ability to collaborate with and support others? Cheerleading! K2 Trophies and Awards thinks that cheerleaders are phenomenal athletes. Those who have ever seen a national cheerleading competition on television have seen just a little bit of what they can do: incredible tumbling passes, lifts, leaps, routines, dances, pyramids, splits, straddles, stunts, and more.

Cheerleading is like no other sport in that it really requires its participants to be well versed across a number of areas, including dance and gymnastics. Furthermore, cheerleading requires each member of the squad to take on a number of different roles, depending on the routine: A base in one routine might be a flyer in another. Not to mention, cheerleaders must memorize dozens of different cheers, chants and routines, and then perform them all flawlessly. That is quite a feat!

There are some who argue that cheerleading isn’t really a sport, but K2 Trophies and Awards tends to disagree. Being a good cheerleader takes just as much commitment, dedication, and practice as football, soccer, or any other sport. The difference is simply that at most sporting events, there are two teams pitted against each other in competition, while cheerleaders act together, in a unified effort, to motivate and rally the crowd, as well as to entertain.

While some cheerleading squads attend competitions to contend with other squads, it is not a requirement of the sport. This one of the things that makes cheerleading so great: it’s not just about winning, it’s about working together as a team to achieve a common goal. Cheerleaders are incredibly skilled and devoted athletes, and they even do it all with a big smile on their faces! This is why K2 Trophies and Awards is happy to recognize the sport of cheerleading with our selection of cheerleading trophies.

Whether for a competition, or simply to formally recognize the squad captain or the most spirited cheerleader, cheerleading trophies elevate the sport to the place that it deserves: At least equal to any other sport. Using equal parts gymnastics and chants to rally a crowd, cheerleaders are athletes with a mission: Get their team’s audience to cheer on the players and support them as much as possible. Those cheerleaders which do compete almost always dazzle with acrobatic displays on par with or exceeding gymnastic floor shows.

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