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Kailis Marine Offers Full Spectrum of Maritime Services in Australia


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- For a nation surrounded by ocean, maritime exploits are not only what gave birth to modern Australia, but what continue to sustain its success and prosperity. It is no surprise then that this vast industry is both a major service provider for other industries as well as contributing significantly to the GDP. To keep this vast and complex machine working, Kailis Marine has been supplying maintenance and associated services for nearly forty years.

The company, based in Fremantle, specialises in tug, barge and oil and gas vessel servicing along the Western Australian coast, and provides berthing facilities with private land backed wharves and 24 hour security, or the option to lift and hard-stand a vessel, enabling them to offer further maintenance services in one location. Their services do not end at the West Australian coast however, with the ability to provider skilled technicians and divers to many other parts of Australia.

Their diving and commercial services are equally exhaustive, with divers able to conduct everything from propeller polishing to contaminated water dives, salvaging and IMS inspections. Similarly, they are able to arrange vessel charters from light craft to mid-size utility vessels, and offer full commercial support to manufacturers including fittings, fabrications, carpentry and refrigeration. continue to expand the range of services they offer, and hope to become as synonymous with the industry as any other major brand, and are well on their way to doing so thanks to their flexible business strategy. The ability to provide something for everyone has given them the stability to gradually but consistently expand, and their commitment to excellence has made sure their reputation in any one field hasn’t suffered as a result.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Kailis Marine has more than 40 years of experience in maritime operations, boat building & repairs in Australia. Our company offers marine support and superb facilities for vessel owners. We have trained experts in just about every conceivable field of maritime maintenance and development, from boat lifting, vessel refitting to diving and underwater operations. There’s no question that we offer the most complete skillset of any company of this kind, and our commitment to health and safety the environment and quality of service mean we’re unmatched in customer and employee satisfaction.”

About Kailis Marine
Kailis Marine is a Marine Engineering company based in Australia, covering full spectrum maritime requirements including pipelines, offshore structures, vessel repairs and refits, vessels, diving inspection, salvage and maintenance. For more information please visit: http:/