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Kain Family Law Showcases Alternatives to Courtroom Proceedings

Family law cases often involve children, leading to a need for peaceful settlements


Mississauga, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Family law changes recently went into effect in Mississauga and other parts of the country, and those involved in family law proceedings need to understand the changes before proceeding with their case. The Ministry of the Attorney General amended regulations established under the Courts of Justice Act so these involved in family court cases may now hire legal representation for a portion of their legal suit, if they don't feel the need for representation in all areas.

"Contact a divorce lawyer Mississauga with any questions concerning this change and for advice on various matters related to family law. One should never take on a family court case without the assistance of Mississauga family lawyers as the results of the case can have consequences reaching far into the future," Anita T. Kain and David R. Ball of Kain Family Law declare.

Family law covers many areas in Ontario, including enforcement of support payments, child protection and adoptions, Family Justice Services, and divorce and separation. When one chooses to retain the services of family lawyers Mississauga, they receive help with issues such as prenuptial and cohabitation agreements all the way through to divorce and spousal support. Attorneys assist with other matters also, such as jurisdictional custody, access disputes, and mobility issues.

"Family law cases often involve children. When this is the case, all parties need to work to reduce tension and minimize the impact of the case on the kids. Kain Family Law remains committed to achieving the best results feasible with minimal conflict. Alternate dispute resolution offers one way to achieve this goal and is a cost-effective way to resolve issues that arise. Parties work together to come to an agreement with the help of a senior family law lawyer. Consider this option to reduce the stress involved with matters of this type," Kain recommends.

When litigation is called for, Kain Family Law provides experienced trial lawyers to argue the case in a courtroom. This may involve child support issues, dissipation of property, restraining orders and more. Once legal proceedings begin, however, this doesn't mean an agreement cannot be reached outside of the courtroom.

"The attorneys at Kain Family Law make every effort to reach a fair settlement without going before a judge. Doing so not only helps to keep costs down, it also minimizes the uncertainty of going before a judge, one part most dislike about proceedings of this type. This is one's life being decided which is why the attorneys at Kain Family Law always want clients to have maximum input in what occurs in the future and mediation allows for this," Kain forcefully states.

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