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A Tale of Kids and Kale and the Women Who Brought Them Together


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- The knowledge that kids don’t like to eat their vegetables is common knowledge in the world, so much so that fun is poked at the subject all the time in many ways. However, Pamela Preston aims to change that one lunchroom and community at a time.

Preston was first exposed to Vermont Works for Women while volunteering at the “Women Can Do” event. She quickly discovered the many great programs provided by Vermont Works for Women that are positive and beneficial to women and the community and felt a need to bring attention to the organization’s wonderful programs. Particularly the Fresh! Food program as it holds a variety of opportunities for training women, helping to feed kids, and utilizing resources within Vermont. All which resonates deeply with Ms. Preston and those at Phoenix Fire Entertainment.

With funding, she can make this voice heard throughout the nation and show other states that they too can have a program that benefits their community in a multitude of ways; creating employable women, feeding kids healthy meals, and utilizing resources within the community.

The funds her group raises will go towards the production of a three part series that will help to educate people about feeding children from all walks of life healthy meals, using resources in the United States, and not outsourcing food.

Every person who donates (including the $1 group) will receive a credit on all three segments of the series and IMDB credits listed on They will also receive a packet of seeds in a hope that they will encourage people to grow and use domestically.

Pamela has worked on several projects with National Geographic and Discovery Channel, winning a Telly Award for Co-Producing a TV show that promoted positive teen activities within their communities.

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