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KALM Saddlery Utilizes High Quality Raw Materials in Producing Horse Related Products


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- KALM Saddlery is a reputed company which produces and supplies saddles and other horse related products. Based with its operations in Australia, the company designs and produces saddles using high quality materials. The company incorporates modern technology in producing high quality saddles and other products which fully meet the specifications put forward by customers.

The company offers a wide variety of horse related products which include Polocrosse equipment, spurs, saddles, martingales, Stirrups, reins, saddle cloths, gear bags, breastplates, bits and bridles online. The company offers a variety of collections of Polocrosse equipments in different ranges. The company takes initiative in selecting excellent quality material for making saddle cloths. The company owner says, “At KALM Saddlery, our Saddle Cloths not only give your horse maximum comfort but they look great too”. The saddle cloths are made from different types of cloth materials and some of the top saddle cloth product categories displayed online are – Koda Felt saddle cloth, Navajo saddle cloth, Heavy woven saddle cloth and Hair Fiber saddle cloth available in different prints and colors.

A good knowledge about saddles fitting helps the saddle fitters working in kalmsaddlery, to design and create the best saddles for their clients’ horses. The company produces bridles which can perfectly fit to horses and some of them include leather Barcoo bridle with extended head, easy hold rope bridle, Apollo bridle and many other categories. A wide range of stainless steel and strong iron bits are produced by the company. Gear bags are designed by the company keeping in mind the specific convenience and requirements of horse owners on a whole. The company holds reputation in supplying some of the top quality horse breast plates in Australia.

KALM Saddlery offers an immediate guarantee for a maximum of 30 days protection for all products purchased by the customers. Along with this 100% money back is given for customers who are delivered faulty equipments online. Customers are given an option to place their orders for any category of horse products online. It is possible for customers to track their product order by simply entering the order id and billing Email online.

For more details about different categories of horse related products, visit http://kalmsaddlery.com http://kalmsaddlery.com

About KALM Saddlery
KALM Saddlery is a reputed company which offers saddles and other horse related products to different clients online. The company which is based with its operations in Australia offers high quality horse related products at an economical price. The company produces all major products by using top quality raw materials. Some of the major products offered by kalmsaddlery include saddles, saddle cloths, breastplates, reins, spurs, Polocrosse equipment, gear bags and many more products.

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