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Kamia Kennels Is Proud to Announce a New Planned Litter of Swedish Elkhounds This Spring 2016


Grand Forks, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2016 -- Kamia Kennels is the premier breeder in Canada for Swedish and Norwegian Elkhounds. As Canada's only breeder of Swedish Elkhounds, this new planned litter is very exciting. Rico, a big young Jamthund will make a perfect mate for Kalia, a stunning big Swedish female at Kamia Kennels.

Rico is a full Jamthund male that was born in Finland. He has heritage that dates back to the earliest of times with the Elkhound. Rico is an awesome hunting dog. He has all the best that can be found in ancient Jamthund dogs. He is calm, steady, easy going and has a ton of stamina. Put him into the bush and you'll be impressed at his increadible hunting skills. He is an extremely good male, a perfect mate for Kalia.

Kalia is an outstanding Swedish Elkhound female. She is always on high alert with the surroundings. Kalia is tough and smart at the same time. She won't do anything she doesn't like no matter how much pressure other dogs put on her to do. She does not want to cause any troubles either. Kalia has all typical features that can be found in a Swedish Elkhound. She loves being around you all the time she can.

Everyone at Kamia Kennels is so excited about the plan of pairing the two incredible Swedish Elkhounds. This great pair of awesome young dogs is expected to bring adorable Swedish Elkhound Pups which will inherit from their parents all stunning features that can be found in Swedish Elkhounds. Kalia is a tall, long and big female and Rico is definitely the perfect male for her.

Merv Carlson, Founder of Kamia Kennels - Uppgroup President, had this to say about the plan: "I couldn't be happier anticipating this upcoming litter from this young pair. This is the only breeding pair of Swedish Elkhounds in North America, and I can't wait to have some new little Rico and Kalia pups burning around!"

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Kamia Kennels, an exclusive division of Uppgroup Inc., is a premier Canadian Jamthund Breeder. This British Columbia based company is dedicated to the breeding, care and promotion of the Elkhound dog breeds.

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