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Huntley, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- For any large organization, communication is incredibly important. Disruption in lines of communication can severely impede business performance. In the modern world, mobile telecommunications are an absolute essential, and many businesses have thousands of employees, each with their own company cell phone. Managing this capability can be incredibly difficult and costly, as well as time consuming. However there are pieces of software that have been specifically created to make managing this task easier.

One specific piece of software that is used for this task is CellManageTM, a web based tool for corporate and government entities to manage cellular capability. Partnered with TDmobility KamtechGroup.com, has an innovative and powerful piece of software can handle a large number of cellular devices over multiple carriers and service plans.

CellManageTM supports all of the most popular cellular network carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The software simplifies management by allowing users to control multiple carriers from a single console.

The software isn’t limited when it comes to devices. It can handle any type of mobile device, on any operating system platform. It can also handle every possible permutation of airtime plans, including unlimited voice and data.

One of the most difficult tasks in managing cellular capability is procurement. CellManageTM makes it easy by allowing users to procure complete solutions with a single task. This includes new lines, and upgrades.

The software is completely web based, which means it is location independent. Users can log into the software from any location and perform the exact same tasks that they can from the office.

A spokesperson for the website said: “Managing a large cellular capability is an absolute headache for many organizations. When you have thousands of different devices, spread across multiple carriers, on a variety of billing plans, it becomes an administrative task to be reckoned with. CellManageTM has a variety of capabilities that makes this task much more simple. CellManageTM can deal with device billing, deployment, tracking and procurement. This eliminates a lot of the complexities associated with such a task. It means that budgets can be clearer, and billing comes from a single source. That saves the organization a considerable amount of time and money, in addition to making their entire cellular management system run much more smoothly.”

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