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Kapture the Night Unveils the Secret to a Successful Event

Photo booths break the ice while loosening up a crowd


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Photo booths continue to increase in popularity, due in large part to their versatility and the fact that this type of entertainment appeals to a wide range of ages. Photo booths help to break the ice and loosen up a crowd, and the renter has the option of customizing photo strips with the name of the couple being married, the company sponsoring the event, the name and date of the event and more. "Click Here to learn more about photo booth rentals (http://delmarva.photoboothrentals.us) and how they liven up any event, from a wedding to a child's first birthday," Josh Behr of Kapture The Night declares.

Many clients find a New Generation photo booth to be the perfect addition to their event as this booth offers a digital flat panel monitor and clients may customize the background and photo border or add a promotional ad on the strip generated by the machine. What makes this choice so popular is the photo mosaic generated at the end of the event. This mosaic features a picture of the company logo or wedding party/host made up of every picture taken during the event. "Consider this option when choosing a photo booth for an event as the photo mosaic makes a great addition to any scrapbook or memory wall," Behr exclaims.

Others opt to make use of the FacePlace Photo2Go social media booth. With this booth, guests receive the option of uploading photos to various social media sites along with e-mail. A Facebook page may be set up just for this purpose, and guests have the ability to add a video message ranging from 15 seconds in length to one minute. "As with the New Generation photo booth, the person in charge of the event receives a photo mosaic, and clients may choose between a wide variety of theme packages to meet their individual needs," Behr continues.

Other photo booth options include a digital easel, the Kodak StickerPrints booth, SketchExpress booths, Fotozine PhotoStation booths, and the Dance Heads photo booth. The Digital Easel combines the fun of caricatures, sticker prints and a photo booth into one machine while Kodak StickerPrint booths take up half the space of a traditional photo booth, if this is of concern. The SketchExpress booth creates an artist quality sketch in a matter of minutes, and the Fotozine PhotoStation puts each picture on one of 20 magazine covers. The Dance Heads photo booth transcends generations as the head of each guest is imposed on a dancer, and one can participate or a group can join in.

"Check out the many booth options available through Kapture The Night. One is sure to be perfect for the event being held and is guaranteed to take an average event and make it an excellent one," Behr proclaims.

About Kapture The Night
Kapture the The Night understands one doesn't want to host a party unless the event is one that leaves a positive impression on all who attend. Photo booths help to capture crazy, hilarious, fun moments that occur when one enters the box, even those who tend to be very conservative. From corporate events and graduation parties to weddings and birthdays, one can never go wrong with a photo booth from Kapture The Night.