KaratBars.com Introduces Smaller Units of Gold Bullion Starting with 1 Gram Ingots


West Vancouver, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Gold has long being hailed as one of the most stable form of investment; gold has been able to provide investors a hedge against market instability, inflation, depreciation of the value of currencies, social, political or economic unrest. Gold prices exhibit less volatility compared to most currencies that is why gold investments are extremely popular. Unfortunately, this precious metal is only available in the ounces, bars and larger amounts which make it harder for people to invest in. Karatbars International, a financial services company recognized the need of people and introduced smaller units of Gold bullion starting with 1 gram ingots to make gold investment more accessible and affordable. Karatbars International has been successfully distributing gold bars in the smaller weights in Europe for the past 2 years and has also been able to expand their product to many other parts of the world.

As a product or an investment gold has not yet seen a decline in its product life cycle and continues to be a strong investment option. Karatbars International allows a wider range of people to seize the golden opportunity of converting their unstable paper currency into gold which is a much more comprehensive asset that will protect them in future. Karatbars are available in 1, 1.5 and 5 grams Denomination which increases the affordability. The Karatbar gold ingots have been certified by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) which ensure customers about the purity and weight of the Karatbar gold.

Each Karatbar bullion is 999.9 Currency grade gold which is proof of its superiority. Furthermore, Karatbars come implanted in impressive Karatbar cards which serve as protection for the gold and a certification of its authenticity, quality and purity. The Karatbars cards are not only a great investment opportunity but are also statement pieces that are bound to impress anyone who comes across them. Karatbars International also plans to release limited edition Karatbar cards, these limited edition Karatbar cards will be made in limited quantities which will make these collector’s items consequently giving a further increase their value, which would much more than the price paid for the gold bullion nestled in them.

Karatbars.com is a website that has been created to give people easy access to the Karatbar investment opportunity, on this website people will be able to watch a short informative video about Karatbars and what make Karatbars one of the greatest investment opportunities out there. After understanding the benefits of Karatbars, interested people can fill out a short online form that will allow them to learn more about the Karatbars and the best way of getting their hands on one.

For more information please visit the Official Karatbars Website.


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