KASPAR Practice Management

KASPAR Practice Management Achieves Their Mission to Empower Physicians


Dyer, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2018 -- For several years, the founders of KASPAR Practice Management, Dr. Samer Kassar and David Pareja, have sought to provide efficient and effective practice management for private medical practices.

Through the organization and its mission to empower physicians with the autonomy regarding the administrative tasks that can be a distraction and create complications for a practice, these two medical professionals continue to assist physicians by allowing them to focus on their first priority: providing expert and professional healthcare to their patients.

The system that Dr. Kassar and Mr. Pareja have devised is an elegant one. KASPAR Practice Management offers an integrated and streamlined business model that addresses the various industry challenges that physicians face while running a private medical practice.

Responsibilities and issues in case management, billing, coding, scheduling, filing insurance claims, and outsourcing can cause unnecessary and unwanted headaches and distractions for physicians who are attempting to remain focused on patient care.

KASPAR Practice Management creates freedom from these administrative tasks by freeing up precious time to concentrate on medical care and building in-depth, personal, and lasting relationships with patients and their families, all with the help of their private practice management opportunities. All this is crucial to providing a comprehensive approach to quality and principled healthcare.

The company is currently seeking qualified and skilled physicians to join their organization to enjoy increased business growth and patient retention.

For more information on what KASPAR Practice Management can offer private medical practices, or for information on their franchises for physicians, call them at 219-200-2888 or visit http://kasparfranchise.com/.

About KASPAR Practice Management
Utilizing their medical and entrepreneurial expertise, KASPAR Practice Management has devised a system for branding and supporting private medical practices. As the medical industry becomes more complex by the day, the staff of KASPAR Practice Management stays a step ahead, leveraging the latest technologies, marketing, and business practices.

To learn more about the KASPAR Practice Management system, please visit their website at http://kasparfranchise.com.