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KASPAR Practice Management Is Taking a New Direction to Streamline Clients' Private Practices


Dyer, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2018 -- By combining the latest technological advancements with a practical approach to billing, coding, and the other complex factors that accompany running a private practice, KASPAR Practice Management offers solutions to streamline the functions of independent clinics across the country. Now, the organization that offers franchises for doctors is refining its focus to provide even more guidance and efficiency to these practices and their operations.

KASPAR Practice Management's shifting focus to revenue cycle management, billing, coding, denials management, and EHR utilization will allow independent health clinics to perform at an even higher level of efficiency and profitability. Their new direction includes a focus on reducing the errors and increasing the accuracy of many common processes of a private practice.

For instance, one of the biggest reasons for claims denial is due to a human mistake in the coding and billing process, such as unspecified coding, duplicate billing, and missing information. By reducing these errors through effective billing and coding management, clinics can decrease the amount of denials and ensure patients get the healthcare they require.

Additionally, errors in the revenue cycle can have significant ripple effects and be quite costly as they travel through the process. By tracking each step of this cycle, KASPAR Practice Management can make it smoother, reduce the number of unnecessary mistakes, and help clinics save money.

By utilizing electronic health records (EHRs), KASPAR Practice Management can also help clinics operate more efficiently and easily. EHRs provide several benefits, from offering quick access to critical patient information, to helping to seamlessly integrate scheduling systems.

With an effective management strategy from KASPAR Practice Management, including their newly-refined focus, independent clinics across the country can enjoy even more productivity and profit from streamlined processes and improved overall operations.

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About KASPAR Practice Management
Utilizing their medical and entrepreneurial expertise, KASPAR Practice Management has devised a system for branding and supporting private medical practices. As the medical industry becomes more complex by the day, the staff of KASPAR Practice Management stays a step ahead, leveraging the latest technologies, marketing, and business practices.

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