Kass Horner Intuitive Psychic to Join Cheri Rohlman LMFT on "A Celebration of Change"

Kass Horner, known in the Seattle / Tacoma Washington area as a psychic intuitive, to appear on “A Celebration of Change” with Cheri Rohlman LMFT on VoiceAmerica’s Radio Network.Listner’s are able to call in with questions for Kass at 866-472-5792.


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Voice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that nationally acclaimed psychic intuitive, Kass Horner will join Cheri Rohlman LMFT, host of A Celebration of Change radio program on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2275/a-celebration-of-change Friday, January 24th, at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Listeners, please call in with questions for Kass at 866-472-5792 or email Cheri at acelebrationofchange@gmail.com

Kass Horner, Medium Psychic will be available live to take listener calls (866-472-5792.) This is a wonderful opportunity for listeners to “ask a psychic” questions about their health, their pets, their loved ones, and even about ghosts who may remain at your home. Kass offers you a head start to evaluate the 2014 year to help you be your best! Kass answers your questions as she utilizes intuitive powers as she reads you and your loved ones. She’s here to help you make better decisions and attract the people and opportunities you most deeply desire into your life.

Kass Horner is a Psychic Medium who lives in Tacoma, Washington. She assists people professionally with insights, coaching, and healing full time. She is a living bridge to the beyond, bringing you messages for your Spirit. A naturally gifted Psychic, her walk into the metaphysical world started when a dream led her to help with a search for a missing person, assisting families, investigators, and police from there. She currently owns and runs Medicine River Center for the healing arts and reads for people all over the world. Her accuracy in her readings has made her a locally sought after psychic as she helps those in need both compassionately and professionally. She has shared her skills with local law enforcement agencies assisting on several cases.

“A Celebration of Change” airs live on Fridays at 8 AM Pacific / 10 AM Central / 11 AM Eastern on The VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel. To access the show, log on at http://www.voiceamerica.com/channel/248. All shows will be available in Cheri Rohlman LMFT’s Content Library on The VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel for on-demand and pod cast download, http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2275/a-celebration-of-change. Listener call in line 866-472-5792 or email Cheri at acelebrationofchange@gmail.com.

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ABOUT Cheri Rohlman LMFT
Cheri Rohlman LMFT, CHT is a Marriage and Family Therapist who works in private practice in her offices in Puyallup and Tacoma Washington. She hosts “A Celebration of Change” radio show on VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness station. Cheri is in private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist, with offices in Tacoma and Puyallup Washington. She holds a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Cheri works with families, couples, and individuals in a supportive counseling environment. With her help, many of Cheri’s clients have overcome challenges related to changes in life transitions, marital and relationship issues, and trauma.

Cheri’s belief is that change is unavoidable. How we manage change is optional and under our own self-control. Being open to change helps us to grow as a person and reach our life goals! Cheri believes that to have wellness in our lives, we need a mind and body connection. To obtain a mind/body connection, Cheri likes to view choices that integrate a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships. This sometimes includes alternative health choices such as hypnosis, vitamins and supplements, aroma therapy, pet therapy and healing stones to name only a few options. Cheri has a wide variety of resources, friends, and colleagues that are here to help you in celebrating the changes in your life!

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