Kate Cowhig Discloses the Glories of Travel CNA

Travel CNA is an attractive career opportunity for the young CNA professionals. In such a job scope candidates can travel and get best facilities.


Kolkata, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- A recently released news statement by veteran nurse Kate Cowhig brought forth the glories of travel CNA. Kate was the nurse assigned to care for Saddam Hussein’s uncle. Kate who is an Irish by nationality worked in Iraq through 1980’s. According to her she feels care giving is same for every human being. Though Saddam Hussein’s uncle was a VIP but he was a human after all.

There are some challenges of the travel CNA job. CNA have to work in conditions that are not known to them. Language is a big barrier for the care givers. It is always discussed: easy flow of communication is a major aspect for satisfactory care giving. Whether a CNA is placed in Iraq or Finland, they have to be earnest in learning the local languages. As a preparation to venturing outside native country, the travel CNA needs to have strong grasp over English language. English is a global language. Speaking English fluently is not enough; CNA needs to speak it with a neutral accent.

Health reports of a travel CNA should be updated at all times. Physical fitness is an important criterion while seeking assignments. It is to be held that CNA have to work in conditions that are drastically different from their native ones. Often the heat and humidity levels will be higher, so fitness is tested in such conditions.

In most instances travel CNA is projected in wrong light. Though there are some challenges, but glories are plenty too. Kate Cowhig states: “most countries offer a state-of-the-art condition to work in”. Apart from this CNA gets a chance to work with highly qualified doctors. Most travel CNA professionals have access to new technologies. Apart from this there is ample time to discover a new country. It is no wonder then that travel CNA is a choice for many young healthcare professionals. Travel CNA is a license to visit new countries and boost careers. With a couple of international tours under the belt a CNA can steadily rise through the ranks. For more information on CNA, you can visit

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