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Katrina-Jane Details Her Spiritual Journey in New Memoir


Lihue, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Clairvoyant Katrina-Jane has announced her memoir, Christian to Clairvoyant. The book, a personal account of her spiritual search, is due to be released October 24, 2014 by Shanti Publishing.

In Christian to Clairvoyant, Katrina-Jane discusses her three decades in the Seventh-Day Adventist church and the struggle she endured as a new path unfolded before her. Having spent years being indoctrinated by the church, the pull of the world of clairvoyants and mediums was both a terrifying and thrilling journey that she struggled to understand.

Over the course of her journey,Katrina-Jane learned important lessons about fate and following one’s instincts. It took her nearly a decade to fully accept the new path she was being called to follow, but today Katrina-Jane is a successful clairvoyant who helps clients in a variety of ways.

She gives clairvoyant readings and tarot readings to help clients get the answers they seek, whether it be about finances, health, love, or past lives. She does readings via phone or e-mail, as well as in-person readings. Clients who choose tarot readings can choose between one and three-card readings for varying prices. Each phone and in-person reading includes a recording at no extra charge, and she prides herself on not using the stock meaning of cards in her Tarot readings while also providing pictures of the card to those getting online readings. To see a full listing of what she offers and the costs, please see her website.

In addition to the readings, Katrina-Jane is available to do workshops and will be leading two online workshops later this year. The first is about developing one’s clairvoyance, while the other is titled “Kick Start Your Life.” More information can be found as it’s made available on her site.

To learn more about Christian to Clairvoyant and Katrina-Jane, please visit her online.

About Katrina-Jane
Katrina-Jane is a medium and clairvoyant who goes above and beyond for her clients and always strives to provide them with the most affordable service possible. She is a member of theInternational Psychic Association.

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