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Katy AC Repair for Beans Reveals when It's Better to Get a New Air Conditioner

Replacing a decades-old air conditioner is often the cheapest way to eliminate problems and repair call fees, reports Katy AC Repair for Beans


Katy, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- When an air conditioner suddenly breaks down on a hot night, most people immediately have two related goals. One is to get someone to come out and fix it right away, and the other is to avoid paying much for the service. The desire to get the work done cheaply usually doesn't arise from an overall urge toward frugality, but instead, comes from necessity. An unplanned A/C breakdown is a strain on the budget, so it stands to reason that there will be a need to keep costs under control.

"Financial experts may say to save a few thousand dollars to cover emergency needs, but not too many people can actually do that," said Brad Wyatt of Katy AC Repair for Beans (http://katyacrepairforbeans.com), a Katy, TX air conditioning repair company. "Fortunately, there are ways to keep costs under control and still get air conditioning working again. One way is to make sure to choose a reputable service provider. While this may seem more expensive at first, it actually ends up being cheaper. This is because a company with properly-trained technicians will be able to do the job right the first time. It also won't end up doing work that turns out not to have been needed at all."

Sometimes, even the best AC repair company will have no choice but to recommend the installation of a new unit. Fortunately, many installers have credit options that make it much easier to afford this kind of expense. Since installers know that most people don't plan on having to replace their air conditioners, credit requirements are often more lenient than they would be at other businesses. Tips for choosing a company and a new air conditioner can be found at http://katyacrepairforbeans.com/ac-replacement/.

"Installing a new air conditioner is often the best way to save money," noted Wyatt. "A new machine won't need service calls for many years. It'll also be far more efficient than an old one. This means that installing one will eliminate both the cost of repeated service calls and lower the user's utility bills. If the previous unit was really old, the savings from both of these things can be enough to make monthly budgeting far easier than it once was."

The efficiency issue is a big one when it comes to air conditioners. According to the EPA and other sources, a new air conditioner can be 20 percent more efficient than one made just 10 years ago. Since many people with old air conditioners have machines far older than 10 years, they can sometimes get energy savings of 50 percent or more. This makes replacing a failed unit the best bet for many people.

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