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Katy AC Repair Pros Demystify What's Needed for Year-Round Comfort in Texas

Both air conditioners and furnaces are essential for comfort in Texas, reports Katy AC Repair Pros


Katy, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 87 percent of American homes now have some form of air conditioning, which amounts to 100 million households. In the South, it takes the form of central air in 85% of homes. Furnaces, however, are not as common.

Katy AC Repair Pros (http://katyacrepairpros.com/) notes that the prominence of air conditioning in the South shouldn't be allowed to completely overshadow the importance of heating. Average low temperatures in December and January plunge to about 44 degrees, making for very cold nights.

"When an air conditioner breaks down, all most people care about is getting it running again as soon as possible," says John Redding of Katy AC Repair Pros (http://katyacrepairpros.com/air-conditioning-repair/). "This is very understandable since people with central air get used to having climate control at all times. In fact, a night without it, in most seasons, will mean a sleepless night."

In Katy, TX and other Southern areas, it is typically hot enough to warrant at least some air conditioning use for three seasons of the year. However, the winter nights can reach 44 degrees - easily cold enough to crank up a full-fledged furnace.

"We come out as fast as possible to get people's air conditioning and heating running again. We know that customers don't want to sit and sweat while they wait for a company to get around to them, and they also don't want to shiver during those cold winter nights."

While it can be easy to focus exclusively on air conditioning in Texas, residents know that the fourth season, winter, is cold enough to require a machine that can seem unthinkable during the other three seasons: a furnace. Just like when an air conditioner breaks down in the summer, a furnace that breaks down in the winter needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Fortunately, Katy AC Repair Pros' webpage at http://katyacrepairpros.com/furnace-repair/ (http://katyacrepairpros.com/furnace-repair/) shows that the company can also deal with heating systems.

"Our technicians can take care of furnaces and heaters with no problems," says Redding."In this area, both furnaces and powerful ductless heating systems are used. Winter may be short, but when it does come, the temperature can drop to surprisingly cold levels. We fully understand that getting a broken heating system running again is just as urgent as getting an air conditioner back on, and we offer the same fast service for furnaces and heaters as we do for cooling systems."

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