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Kawaii-Kigu Brings Fun, Cozy, Adorable Kigurumi Costumes to Canada


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Kawaii-Kigu, a manufacturer and an online retailer of cute Kigurumi Animal Pajama based in Toronto Canada have set out on a mission to introduce and popularize the fun, cozy, and adorable, costumes in Canada and the entire North America They want others to love and embrace their inner kawaii animal as much as the people at Kawaii-Kigu do. Kigurumi is a full bodied hooded pajama, which first started in Japan. It is often styled after animals or cartoon characters; the Kigurumi trend has expanded from the Japanese street style to countries all over the world.

Jen and Elise, are the minds behind the brand Kawaii-Kigu, they had first discovered Kigurumi walking in the streets of Waikiki, Hawaii during Halloween. Enticed by the cute and fun onesies, Jen and Elis wanted to see more Kigurumi in Toronto but were disappointed to know that not much was known about Kigurumi back home. Therefore they set out to share their love of what they had seen and as a result Kawaii-Kigu was set up in 2012, as a manufacturer of high quality Kigurumi pajamas. On the Kawaii-Kigu website Jen and Elise state:

“Our all-time goal is to bring Kigurumi to all of Canada and to share this fun, cozy, adorable, and simple costume for all to enjoy just as we do. :)”

Since its inception the brand has added many different Kigurumi designs ranging from different animals and popular cartoon characters, new cute designs will soon be added to the website, ready to be sold and enjoyed by all those who enjoy adorable and cozy pajamas. The company is also venturing in to creating footed pajamas and baby onesies so that people of all ages can enjoy Kawaii-Kigu’s Kigurumi onesies. Kawaii-Kigu strives hard to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction level, therefore each Kigurumi is made with high quality fabrics and stitching, the Kigurimi are manufactured by one the best manufacturers in China.

To spread the word and get people involved Kawaii-Kigu will be holding very first event the "Kpop Kigurumi Dance Party" at Anime North on May 23rd. The event will be all about celebrating the passion for all things Kawaii (cute) with a mix of K-pop beats. The Kawaii-Kigu web store: features all the kigurumi designs the brand has to offer, it also shares all the latest news about Kawaii-Kigu offers, events and animal humor.

About Kawaii-Kigu
Kawaii-Kigu, started in 2012 by Jen and Elise. We are based out of Toronto, Canada. The company manufactures and sells Kigurumi. They want people to “embrace their inner animal… the cute way”.

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Media Contact:
Elise Kama & Jennefer Barua
Kawaii Kigu
Toronto, Ontario Canada