Kayak HQ Brings Together the Best Reviewed, Best Priced Kayaks Online


Waterloo, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- Kayaking is a popular pastime that can range from an idyllic adventure to an extreme sport. Used on freshwater rivers, dangerous rapids and choppy seas, the diversity of Kayaks on the market can seem overwhelming, especially for enthusiasts looking for the best buy for their needs. Kayak HQ is a new website determined to cut through much of the time and effort currently required to make these kinds of consumer choices by bringing everything together into a single site.

Kayak HQ has been developed to allow for the quick and easy comparison of brands, reviews, prices and performance on a range of Kayaks. Current listings include cheap kayaks for beginners, fishing kayaks for traditionalists, inflatable kayaks and folding kayaks for those needing to conserve space, tandem kayaks for couples or those teaching newcomers to the sport, sea kayaks, recreational and sports kayaks.

Clicking any of these categories allows users to see product reviews of the different results matching their chosen criteria, with a star rating out five, a high quality image of the item and a brief product description and summary, including details of the design’s performance and usability. Once a comparison has been made, users can click “find the lowest price now” at the foot of the description to find listings.

KayakHQ.net features a video introduction explaining their business strategy in dynamic visuals. A spokesperson for the site explained,

“Going to each of the major manufacturer’s websites to investigate and compare kayaks was becoming a real grind, and looking through individual listings on websites like Ebay meant that before long it was necessary to be drowning in tabs to try and make an efficient search. By collating all the information into one streamlined interface, Kayak HQ has made sure fast and accurate price and performance comparisons are easier than ever. We cover every major type of Kayak from all the best manufacturers as well as a broad range of accessories and paraphernalia, so there really isn’t a better place online for Kayak enthusiasts.”

About Kayak HQ
Kayak HQ is an online listings collation and product review site for Kayaks of all kinds. The site scours the web looking for the best quality highly rated kayaks, takes the best deals on the best kayaks from the most reputable online source, and neatly organizes the results for quick and easy comparison and decision making. For more information please visit: http://www.kayakhq.net/