Kayse Morris

Kayse Morris Announces the Expansion of Her Interactive Notebooks Business Through KayseMorris.com

Teachers Pay Teachers is an open marketplace for teachers to market their resources to others, and Kayse Morris has just expanded her own range of interactive notebooks on the platform.


Douglas, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2016 -- Education is changing rapidly because the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before, and many jobs that people do today did not exist when those doing them were at school. Because of this rapidly evolving world, it is more important than ever that students are engaged with education in order to provide a broad base of flexible, transferrable skills. Rather than competing with the many stimuli children are exposed to, Kayse Morris has worked with those stimuli to deliver exciting lessons through her new range of interactive notebooks, available now on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sold to teachers to give to students, the interactive notebooks incorporate modern technology and the latest apps, together with modern music and other inspirations that will help engage students in new and exciting ways.

They also include as many as 24 lesson plans, and are optimized for a wide range of topic areas and disciplines, including a New Year's Flipbook, Black History Month, key profiles on influential figures like Benjamin Franklin and Harriet Tubman, and core subjects like map skills, literacy and social studies.

A spokesperson for Kayse Morris explained, "Teachers Pay Teachers was designed as a free marketplace for teachers to market their inspiration and ideas to other teachers who are looking for new and successful ways of teaching kids. Kayse has undertaken a personal lifestyle revolution, and you can see that reflected in the revolutionary nature of her new work, which offers some of the most exciting lesson plans available, all plans have proven to be effective and are featured by the Georgia Department of Education. Kayse Morris interactive notebooks provides a great way to make learning fun in a way that kids today really respond to, while taking the pressure off individual teachers to generate wholly new content."

About Kayse Morris
Kayse Morris is transforming teaching and teachers' lives, using technology driven learning with an emphasis on Interactive Notebooks, and student achievement. She has taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, 6th grade, and worked with struggling readers, earning a wide range of honors and awards since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree Early Childhood Education, later achieving a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology and currently pursuing specialism in Educational Leadership.

For more information please visit: http://www.kaysemorris.com