Kazal Family Story

Kazal Family Now Revealing the Actual Story Behind the Slander Campaign of Sydney Morning Herald Against the Kazal Family

Forgetting the basic rule of impartial reporting, some journalists, such as Linton Besser of Australia's Sydney Morning Herald


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Forgetting the basic rule of impartial reporting, some journalists, such as Linton Besser of Australia's Sydney Morning Herald, indulge in smear campaigns maligning the image of respectable people and appears to have been entitled to script false and fictional stories by his corporate superiors. The Kazal Family has had to bear the brunt and inevitable repercussions of the malicious intentions of this supposed leading journalist and the corporate fraudster, Mr Rodric David.

With a view to fighting back to Besser's unjust actions, Kazalfamilystory.com was developed and it is now revealing the actual story behind the slander campaign published in the Sydney Morning Herald against the Kazal Family. These damaging attempts to malign the reputation of Kazal executives were to discourage and discontinue the legal action that Charif Kazal and the family had taken against dishonest and unethical business practices of Mr. David.

Exasperated by the hideous and unjust accusations in the on-gong biased media reports of Linton Besser, Charif Kazal ventured into digital media and used this platform to describe the true details and incidents founding the website content on truthful, legal evidence. The website comprises different chapters that are a step-by- step revelation of the actual events and matters that the media - spearheaded by the Sydney Morning Herald - deliberately kept under the wraps.

Everything that is on the website is solidly supported by proof to highlight how investigative reporter Linton Besser’s well scripted reports are nothing but half-baked and one-sided stories. Even letters and emails relevant to the issue have been shared on the site as the Kazal Family believe that nothing should be hidden. As Charif Kazal says, “Our family will continue to openly challenge the abominable treatment we have received from firstly Rodric David, then Linton Besser, the editors of the Sydney Morning Herald and Board of Fairfax Media Limited. We will not rest until we obtain justice.”

The Kazal Family Story website has been developed to provide the public with the other side of the story so they can come to an understanding of what was actually behind the smear campaign conducted in the Sydney Morning Herald.

It also explains just how Linton Besser aided and abetted Rodric David in his mission to destroy the Kazal family for financial gain; the financial gain was significant, not in the thousand dollar range but in the multi-million dollar range. What is especially noteworthy is that the Sydney Morning Herald has not reported one word from the written responses that the Kazal family provided to them.

And there were many rebuttals provided countering the biased and untruthful reporting perpetrated by Linton Besser - all were ignored.

Please find out more details at http://kazalfamilystory.com