Kazal Family Story

Kazal Family Website Reveals, Linton Besser Tried Best to Put Down the Respect of Kazal's Family and Tony Kazal


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- It was not only Mr. Kazal suffering in the whole scene, but even his family (including brothers, Tony Kazal and Karl) were also tortured in the same way, by Linton Besser and Rodric David. The corporate thief, Rodric David and Journalist, Besser worked together planned the strategies against Kazal.

The whole story is about a purposeful character assassination on Kazal and his family who suffered a lot. He was portrayed in a wrong way in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) newspaper and website. Both, the website and newspaper were owned by Fairfax Media Limited, which is a renowned multi-platform media company in Australasia.

There were over twenty three articles with Besser’s by-line that got published or uploaded to the Fairfax Media’s digital website. Also, these were published since 1st September, 2010 and some of the articles are still used to divert the attention from Besser’s dubious public obsession with Kazal.

Talking more about the conditions faced by Kazal Family, he further adds, “The dictionary defines defame, “…v.t., to attack the good name or reputation of, as by uttering or publishing maliciously anything injurious; slander; libel…!! With this in mind, Besser clearly worked directly for and with Rodric David to frame the distorted content of his articles defaming my family and I to apply inordinate pressure on us during legal proceedings we had commenced in May 2010 against Rodric in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and then in the Grand Cayman Islands. Every article was carefully planned and published to coincide with and influence critical legal proceedings and court appearances.”

About Kazal Family Story
Kazal Family Story’s website has been developed to provide the public with the other side of the story so they can come to an understanding of what was actually behind the smear campaign conducted in the Sydney Morning Herald. It also explains how Linton Besser aided and abetted Rodric David in his mission to destroy their family for financial gain; the financial gain was significant, not in the thousand dollar range but in the multi millions of dollars range. Whereas, media has not reported even a word from any of the written responses that Kazal family provided to them.

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