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KBJ Investments Marketing, LLC. Discloses the Secrets to Moving Up with ViSalus


Troy, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35.7% of adults in the United States are obese. As health care costs continue to rise, this is of great concern. Estimates show that, in 2008 alone, medical costs associated with this condition were $147 billion. Any adult who is obese can expect to pay $1,429 each year more than a person of normal weight. People looking to drop excess pounds find that there are a number of diet plans to select from to help achieve this goal. One that is growing in popularity is the line of weight management nutritional products, energy drinks and dietary supplements offered by ViSalus Sciences. Anyone looking to make money in a multi-level marketing company should be sure to check this one out, according to Kawolomoto Bryant Jr., media contact for KBJ Investments Marketing, LLC.

"In order to achieve success with ViSalus or any multi-level marketing company, representatives must move up in the ranks. When one comes in with ViSalus Sciences as a Rising Star and stays there, he or she won't achieve the dream of financial freedom and prosperity," Mr. Bryant explains. "Reaching the level of Ambassador should be the goal when signing up. This is the highest level to be achieved in the company and comes with many rewards."

New Ambassadors receive the coveted black jacket along with a bonus check for $25,000. Become a two star Ambassador and the stylish blue jacket is the reward. Eight levels are offered in the Ambassador program with those reaching the level of global Ambassador receiving a Black American Express Card along with the opportunity to earn in a global economy pool. Mr. Bryant goes on to say, "Imagine reaching the level of Royal Ambassador and receiving a bonus check of $500,000. Buy a second home, travel the world or put it away for early retirement. The choice is completely up to each Ambassador."

"The key to doing so is to attract endless people to the business, people from across the world," Mr. Bryant explains. "The Internet is the key and knowing how to use it is what makes the difference between success and failure. Online MLM training helps each Rising Star move up to reach the level of Ambassador. With the help of this training, representatives learn ways to promote the business at little or no cost. Those who have achieved success in multi-level marketing plans share how they did so. Learn the exact marketing strategies that will grow a ViSalus business rapidly. Progress is seen quickly and downlines explode in a short period of time."

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KBJ Investments Marketing, LLC. is the creation of Kawolomoto Bryant Jr. Making money is the hobby of Mr. Bryant who is now on his way to making eight figures although he started out as many others did, making only $8.50 an hour. Mr. Bryant works in attraction marketing, Internet marketing and as a home-based business mentor. Mr. Bryant invests in real estate and works with others to add value to their life. The goal of KBJ Investments Marketing, LLC. is to help others fulfill their dreams of abundance and freedom. Working with this company, clients can reach their goals of financial freedom, prosperity and abundance.