KEE Group USA Boasts of Quality-Controlled Manufacturing Process


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- KEE Group USA, the American division of the KEE Group that manufactures and distributes high quality switches, keypads, overlays, and other essential parts to well-known manufacturers, takes pride in undergoing quality-controlled manufacturing process in producing specialty products.

Among the comprehensive list of products that KEE Group USA distributes include membrane switches, rubber and membrane keypads, capacitive switch films, in-mold decoration, decorative plastic molding, badges and emblems, graphic overlays, and hybrid assembly. These small, but definitely useful, items are often parts of bigger items such as vehicles, cellular phones, computers, food containers, and so much more, making them really essential and necessary to many well-known product manufacturers.

In manufacturing these small but essential product parts, KEE Group USA utilizes hands-on and quality-controlled processes performed by highly skilled and technical workers and supervised by manufacturing experts. It features a fully integrated operation that provides quality control and delivery, with its personnel overseeing every step of the production, from raw material to finished product.

“Staring with the drafting of the design concept, to delving into the engineering trenches, to creating the first prototype and then on to mass production, we see the entire switch manufacturing process though from start to finish with a strict, quality control process. With all types of sealed switches, our goal is to deliver the final product on time and on budget for every customer who entrusts us with their switch manufacturing needs,” the head of the company shares.”

“From our manufacturing clean rooms to the stock warehouses, you can rest assure that the processing of your order will be given the attention it deserves. We strive diligently toward the continued development of our employees. Within our facilities, we have established training programs, educational centers and activity areas to ensure that they work in an environment that allows them to grow with the company,” he adds.

While the company specializes in membrane switch production, KEE Group USA also manufactures and distributes other interface product components, such as capacitive switches for touch screen interfaces and graphic overlays to cover them. It also offers mirror overlays for automotive mirror applications, badges and emblems for identification and recognition purposes, and in-mold decoration, which is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to pad printing on products. For more information about the company and its comprehensive list of offerings, visit