KEE Group USA Introduces New Technology in Touch Screen Options


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- KEE Group USA, the leading manufacturer of technological components, introduces a new technology in touch screen options called the KEE Touch Technology. The company creates and presents variety of capacitive touch sensing film for touch screen applications.

The company believes that “touch screens have replaced three-dimensional buttons on nearly every type of device imaginable.” From kitchen appliances to household electronics to mobile phones and computing devices, gone are days where you have to turn knobs and push buttons to change the settings of these devices.

“Consumers prefer the thin, flexible design that relies on touch sensing to activate. Manufacturers like touch screens because they can be applied to a variety of surfaces, whether they are flat or curved,” according to the company’s recent studies.

KEE Group explained that it is the capacitive touch sensing film – which the company specializes in – that covers the switches and makes touch screens possible. Thus, the company summons, “When you need capacitive technology for your brand’s touch screen products, KEE Group USA can supply it for you.”

Capacitive switches are far more advantageous than conventional types. It can be backlit and programmed using indicator light. Furthermore, it is tightly sealed, so cleaning and maintaining them should be easy. KEE Group is proud to say that their capacitive switches are suitable in Braille applications and complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

Their own KEE Touch Technology can be applied to various products like in-mold decorating, in-mold labeling, and many others. This is a cost-effective option, replacing the expensive glass designs and resolving the false activation problems experienced by many industries in the past. This is due to the graphic layer on their metalized capacitive switches that deflect 20 to 50 microns to detect touch.

KEE Group USA lives by their tagline “Keeping exceeding expectations, creating beautiful things for all to see.” Guided by this principle, the company continues to manufacture products, including membrane switch, rubber keypads, badges and emblems, graphic overlays and of course, capacitive switches – all of which are essential in making life easier.

With a factory located at JiangSu, China, the company is operated by Kunshan Everbright Emblem (KEB) and is fully integrated with advanced tools and technology aimed to allow quality and delivery of raw to finished products. Their state-of-the-art facilities are one of the most recognized worldwide.

“From our manufacturing clean rooms to the stock warehouses, you can rest assure that the processing of your order will be given the attention it deserves. We strive diligently toward the continued development of our employees. Within our facilities, we have established training programs, educational centers and activity areas to ensure that they work in an environment that allows them to grow with the company,” Thomas Yen, Owner, explains.

KEE Group can be contacted via their toll-free number 877-504-9169, or via their official website at